Les parfums Marylise Mirabelli sont inspirés de l'univers musical et de chansons iconiques.

Why did you create a perfume brand?


Here is the sentence that I have heard the most since the beginning of this business creation.
Well, I'll give you some details that will explain why I wanted to create these fragrances.


The story behind the Marylise Mirabelli brand...
Simply a woman who wanted to express herself through art and be free to create.
Artist at heart, graduate in photography, and fan of an artist who was the trigger for these creations.

Previously, I was employed in a pretty magical place, with a rather special atmosphere for a workplace: Disneyland Paris!

Of course, when it came to making the decision to stay or go, I thought to myself that I would never be able to work for another company after my time at Disney.

So I decided to create my own company and this brand after asking myself what my passions were, and what I would never get tired of…
A few ideas came to mind, including the fact that I love perfumes and also that I am a fan of a huge artist.

You also had to think about the fact that if I were to create something, it had to be as eco-responsible as possible. Out of question to polluting or hurting animals 🌱🐾


It was by turning to my shelves filled with CDs, vinyls and collectibles of all kinds that the evidence appeared. Evidence that was confirmed during hours of car trips listening to his classics and telling me that "He must have smelled good in this video, all dressed in cream, with this dandy style so classy"!

As a fan, I wanted to pay tribute to an artist who has amazed me since childhood.

Some time ago, I wondered what it would have been like to meet him and especially what could be the perfume worn by such a big star...

A memory of his presence that would have remained etched in my memory.

It was then that the idea came to me to create the perfumes that he could have worn in his video clips and to accompany them with the olfactory atmosphere of the place.

Photo Marylise Mirabelli

 Photo : Marylise Mirabelli


A transcription of the music into perfume that was inspired by:

From a single artist who is an eternal source of inspiration.
The feeling of being transported to these scenes, these places, of embodying the characters, feeling the words and the stories.

After several years of creation, you can now enter these "olfactory universes"!
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