Parfums Made in France à l'alcool de blé biologique.

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French production 🇫🇷

French know-how is honoured, from the juice to the packaging. It is thanks to these talents that Marylise Mirabelli offers a brand of quality French perfumes.

However, the mention "Made in France" sometimes needs to be detailed, because some of the components of a product can come from elsewhere.


The “Made in France” is a statement attesting that the product in question is of French manufacture. A good is considered as originating in the country where the last substantial transformation takes place or representing a significant stage of manufacture”.

If a product has been transformed in at least two countries, the mention Made in France is possible provided that "the last transformation or substantial work, that is to say having resulted in the creation of a new product, was made in France” and for the product “of which 45% of the added value was made in France”. 
(source : et

  • Why choose Made in France?

A guarantee of quality: the French quality standards being very strict and the know-how in the field of perfumery recognized worldwide, they will thus guarantee the quality of the product.

Locality: inevitably, localized production will travel fewer kilometers before being distributed than if several of the manufacturing stages were abroad.

Support for our French industry and respect for social standards: consuming locally helps support national companies, the economy and the preservation of jobs. In addition, by buying in France, you are assured that the manufacture of your product is made in compliance with working conditions.

Here, all possible efforts have been made, it was a commitment, for the manufacturing to be French. Despite the budget limitation and the higher prices than in other countries, I made the choice to have a manufacturing and an assembly in France, but some components come for the moment from suppliers in Italy:

  • Hoods: France
  • Boxes: France
  • Cards : France
  • Organic wheat alcohol: France
  • FSC papers: Italie
  • Bottles: Italy
  • Packaging in Grasse
  • Ceramics made locally in a factory in Limoges.

  • Why did you choose certain components in Italy?

Sometimes budgetary constraints, but also often due to minimum orders required between 10k and 30k pieces for the hoods, for a need of only 1500 pieces.

Being a young brand that does not want to stock up, it was therefore necessary to be able to produce perfumes and packaging in small quantities.

Less stock = less overproduction = less waste.

  • Where are the perfumes created?

The fragrances were created in Paris: creations made possible thanks to the attentiveness and talents of the FLAIR Paris perfume composition studio team.

My ideas as Artistic Director and their know-how in order to interpret, realize and formulate these ideas.

Then the formula was sent to Grasse for the production of the concentrate.

    For future productions, the desire is to offer a 100% French production!

     Photo : Marylise Mirabelli Parfums

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