The story behind the Marylise Mirabelli : simply a woman who wanted to express herself through art and be free to create. 

Graduate in photography, “cat mom”, self-taught, and fan of an artist who is an endless source of inspiration and who led me to this project. 

It was then that I imagined fragrances that would bring a new aspect of music videos. 


Creating is good, doing it in an eco friendly way is better. 

The brand's line of conduct : be as eco-responsible as possible... as far as possible ! 

A maximum is done to limit unnecessary packaging and leaflets, and to use ecological and/or recycled and recyclable materials. 

✦ FSC certified materials : packaging, shipping packaging 

✦ Recycled materials : thank you card

✦ Recyclable materials : Bottle, packaging, shipping packaging.

✦ Minimum plastic and “decoration” : no cellophane, with a tamper evident sticker instead.

*The plastics present are the vaporizer tube and the inside of the hood (aluminum exterior)

✦ Manufacturing in small series, which will be reproduced according to demand. 

A sober bottle with 30% concentrates.

An elegant design made by me.

A logo that I designed and which has was created graphically with the help of a talented graphic designer.


It was also important to do everything possible to ensure that the manufacturing was made in France. 

✦ Perfumes created in Paris

✦ Packaged in Grasse by the wonderful team at PCW who have accompanied me since the beginning of this adventure. 

✦ Packaging made in France. 

*Only the shipping packaging is made in an EU factory, and of course, some of the ingredients that make up the fragrance notes are mostly sourced from different countries around the world. 

✦ Ceramics made locally in a factory in Limoges.


And what about the smell ?... 

Co-creations made possible thanks to the attentiveness and talents of the FLAIR Paris perfume composition studio team. 

My ideas as an Artistic Director and their expertise in order to interpret, realize and formulate these ideas. 

The result : elegant, deep, qualitative and original fragrances.