Comment bien choisir son parfum parmi les différentes concentrations ?

How to choose your perfume among the different concentrations?

We commonly use the term “perfume”, but fragrances are classified into different categories depending on their concentration. 

A fragrance is produced from raw materials, natural and synthetic, which constitute an essence, i.e. the concentrate, which is then diluted either in alcohol, in a solvent, or in an oily base
The percentage of essence used to create the fragrance will determine its “concentration”.

The different categories of perfume concentrations. 


  • L’eau de senteur 1 à 3 % 

Specially formulated for the little ones (babies and children), and adapted to their delicate skin, the scented water generally does not contain alcohol. It has a low dose of concentrate, with only natural and synthetic ingredients which are part of a regulated list in order to avoid any risk of allergy. 

True Madeleine de Proust, these very sweet and often slightly powdery fragrances take us back to childhood, and only add a delicately scented touch. 

Scented water can, however, be used by adults who, for example, cannot tolerate strong odors. 


  • L’eau de Cologne 2 à 6 % 

With its light concentration, eau de cologne is renowned for its refreshing and invigorating feel.

Its name comes from the city of Cologne in Germany where this water was created by the Italian perfumer Jean-Marie Farina.

The notes of eau de Cologne are fresh and aromatic, with citrus fruits and aromatic herbs (lemon, bergamot, rosemary, lavender...) but also spicy and woody notes (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, sandalwood... ).

  • L’eau de toilette 5 à 15 % 

With its moderate staying power on the skin (around 3 hours), the eau de toilette is appreciated for daily use, and for its discreet trail which is suitable in all circumstances.

Having a low to medium concentration, the composition by the perfumer is essential so that its hold is the best possible.
You can also spray directly on clothing to amplify its diffusion.

  • L’eau de parfum 15 à 20 % 

One of the most popular concentrations despite its higher price. It is a good intermediary between eau de toilette which can be too light, and perfume extract which is more intimate and also more expensive.

The eau de parfum lasts well on the skin and only a few sprays are enough to diffuse a magnificent trail around you.

  • L’extrait de parfum ou parfum 20 à 40 % 

It is the most noble and luxurious form in perfumery. The composition of the concentrate is richer, the raw materials are more noble, carefully selected, and combined for an intense and persistent result.
In addition, the base notes of this precious elixir will gradually melt throughout the day, and become one with your skin. It will thus create a more intimate broadcast which will last all day.

The perfume extract is certainly more expensive, given its high concentration of essence, its composition, and the quality of its raw materials, but it is undoubtedly the choice of excellence.
Its tenacity will allow it to smell good for long hours.

Marylise Mirabelli - Extrait de parfum - Suite 1209 - Venus de Milo - Joconde

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