De l'alcool de blé biologique dans nos parfums !

Organic wheat alcohol in our perfumes!

At Marylise Mirabelli, we have chosen to use plant origin alcohol in our perfumes.

The natural alcohol of organic wheat (without pesticides or chemical fertilizers), allows to replace the synthetic ethanol alcohol created in the laboratory, to dilute the concentrates.

Our eco-responsible ethic combines quality and well-being, and thus respects your skin and the planet.

Alcool de blé biologique utilisé dans les parfums Marylise Mirabelli

What is the use of alcohol in perfume?

The addition of alcohol occurs at the time of “putting in alcohol”, and will be used to:

  • Distill the concentrate

This process will determine the nature of the perfume. Depending on the percentage of alcohol, which will be supplemented by the perfume concentrate, the finished product will be an eau de cologne, an eau de toilette, an eau de parfum, or a perfume extract.

  • Fix and sublimate the perfume concentrate 

Alcohol allows to sublimate the raw materials of the perfume. Once the perfume is vaporized, the alcohol will quickly evaporate to leave only the odorous molecules.

  • Preserve fragrances

It is in particular alcohol that will allow an excellent conservation of the perfume after opening.

Well storing your perfumes will also allow a good conservation so that they do not lose their olfactory qualities. Keep them away from light, moisture and heat, so avoid storing them in the bathroom or putting them in front of a window.

Alcool de blé bio pour sublimer les parfums Marylise Mirabelli

It is important to offer the healthiest possible fragrances, which is why we have selected environmentally friendly elements.

All our fragrances are also vegan and not tested on animals.

Suite 1209 - Marylise Mirabelli - Extrait de parfum avec de l'alcool de blé biologique Photos credits : Marylise Mirabelli

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