Le design minimaliste de nos emballages et flacons de parfum.

The minimalist design of our packaging and perfume bottles.

What does minimalism represent and what is its use?


Minimalism is a movement in contemporary art that favors the minimal use of resources and emphasizes sobriety. 
More than an artistic movement, it is also a way of life and a state of mind which consists of removing the superfluous and giving priority to the essential. 
This philosophy has influenced arts such as music and photography, but also fields like architecture, and even product design. 

This principle is based on the “Less is more” of the architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, founder of this movement. The objectives are to get to the essential by transmitting a message as simply as possible, with sobriety, even “sparing”, as well as clean lines.  

On the other hand, minimalism does not mean simplicity, because this sober design is only simple in appearance. It requires thought in order to create something refined but functional.

The codes of minimalism.


Minimalist design objects are a symbol of quality, sobriety and elegance.

A sobriety that involves several bases: 

  • Neutral colors and tones (beige, brown, white, pastels, etc.) which provide a feeling of calm and serenity. 
  • A harmonious visual ensemble. 
  • No frills. 
  • Simple shapes with continuous lines.
  • Sustainable and reduced materials.

Le design minimaliste des boites de parfum Marylise Mirabelli.The minimalist design box of Club 30's perfume - a sober box for a charismatic perfume.

These items have a durable and timeless quality, as well as a style that can be enjoyed by everyone.

In addition to this modern elegance, a minimalist design offers a real concept that will make sense.


Why the choice of minimalism in Marylise Mirabelli perfumes?


For our creations, the objective was not to attract the eye with extravagant ornaments, but on the contrary to surprise with the quality of the ingredients and the originality of the perfume. 

You wouldn't expect such a powerful and astonishing fragrance, and yet...


Minimalist also in the formula, with quality ingredients, which simply recreate the essence of the desired scenario. 

The purpose of perfumes is to smell good, to feel emotions, to immerse us in a universe, or to bring us back to memories.

Le design minimaliste des flacons de parfum Marylise Mirabelli.The sober and elegant bottle of Suite 1209 - minimal exterior styling for a powerful and luxurious perfume.


At Marylise Mirabelli, fragrances are not created randomly. 

I chose my idol and inspiration to imagine these perfumes. I wanted to honor Michael Jackson by offering to recreate the worlds of his songs. The chosen scenarios are timeless pop culture classics.

These olfactory universes take us to an atmosphere that we know.
Each fragrance traces the visual elements and texts of the songs.
The names of the perfumes are even a nod to details seen in these videos.

Will you be able to find them...? 😉

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