Les astuces pour faire tenir son parfum toute la journée

Tips for making your perfume stay all day

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With the approach of sunny and warmer days, our perfume will tend to hold on the skin more difficultly.
Sweat which will release molecules more quickly, dry and dehydrated skin which will absorb fragrances less well...

So to continue wearing your favorite perfume even in summer, here are some essential tips to make your perfume last the longest.


Hydration is essential to hang your perfume on the skin, because dehydrated skin does not retain perfumes well.
After the shower, it is therefore important to apply a cream, a moisturizing milk or even an oil. Their fatty substances will help fix the perfume on your skin.

You can therefore choose a moisturizer adapted to your skin type, preferably fragrance-free to avoid mixtures, or with a slight odor of the same type as your fragrance. This is the layering technique, which increases the wake and tenacity.

Some essentials, certified organic, natural, vegan, not tested on animals and Made in France:

Huile de Sésame désodorisé bio - Cosmesana

Deodorized sesame oil - 100ml - Cosmesana

Lait corps hydratant - Pulpe de Vie

Grape moisturizing body milk - 400ml - Pulpe de Vie

Crème neutre amande douce et beurre de karité - Avril

Sweet Almond and Shea Butter Neutral Cream - 200ml - Avril

The little extra that will make your treatment even more effective: hyaluronic acid.
This molecule capable of retaining up to 1000 times its weight in water is naturally present in our body and has the function of moisturizing and protecting the skin from external aggressions.
If your cream does not contain it, you can find it in the form of a serum or a natural active ingredient to incorporate into your treatments and preparations, or even as a food supplement.

Sérum acide hyaluronique 2,5% naturel, Bio, Made in France, Aloe Vera - Cosmesana Onatera

Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate 2,5% - 30ml - Cosmesana
Acide Hyaluronique naturel anti-âge et hydratant 5g, naturel, végan, Made in France - Cosmesana Onatera
Hyaluronic Acid 100% natural - 5g - Cosmesana
Acide Hyaluronique végétal, végan, Made in France - 30 gélules - Vit'All+
Vegetal Hyaluronic Acid - 30 gélules - Vit'All+

The additional trick: exfoliate your skin regularly with a gentle exfoliation to prepare it well by getting rid of the dead cells present on the surface of the epidermis and allowing moisturizers to better penetrate the skin.
Gelée exfoliante corps 200ml, argile violette, grains abricot, riz, parfum pêche Ylang-Ylang - Cattier
Body exfoliating jelly with purple clay, apricot seeds and rice - 200ml - Cattier

Also, don't forget to drink at least a liter and a half of water a day, and you can also supplement with herbal teas, smoothies etc.
For people who find it difficult to drink a lot of water, consider coconut water!
In addition to being hydrating, thirst-quenching and refreshing, coconut water is 95% water and also contains many nutrients such as vitamins C and B (B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6) as well as minerals and trace elements.


Eau de coco, bio, végan, certifié B Corp - Vita Coco

Coconut Water, certified organic, B Corp and vegan - Vita Coco

Spray hot pulsating areas

Certain parts of the body are more conducive to being perfumed because they are areas that give off heat.
These pulsating zones being warmer, they will favor the diffusion of the perfume.

— the neck

— at the base of the ears

— the wrists

— the hollow of the chest

— the inside of the elbows

— the navel

A single spray will be enough to create a lingering trail throughout the day.

And above all, we do not rub!
Rubbing the skin will break the molecules and modify the evolution of the perfume.

How to intensify the trail of your perfume?

You already follow these tips, but as the sunny days are here, and the heat with it, we will tend not to want to spray too much perfume directly on the skin, because perspiration could perhaps make it turn...
The best will then be to also perfume your clothes, especially since the fibers retain the molecules of the fragrances well.

The little extra: diffuse your perfume in the dressing room!
The smell will diffuse little by little and will naturally permeate your clothes.
Olfactory signature and sillage guaranteed.

A little advice: use your Marylise Mirabelli perfume ceramic!

  • During the first application, spray the ceramic two or three times until your perfume is completely absorbed.
  • Scent again once after a few hours.
  • A few sprays are enough to reactivate the perfume.

Céramique à parfumer - diffuseur de parfum - Marylise Mirabelli

Perfume diffuser - Marylise Mirabelli
(offered for the purchase of a 30ml exclusively on this site)


And of course, so that your perfume does not lose its olfactory qualities, keep it away from light, humidity and heat.

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