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What are artistic perfumes?

These are perfumes that have a history, that appeal to a deeper sense. 

The way they are created emerges from a personal, subjective definition... 

Fragrances that are therefore surprising, with olfactory biases. They do not follow a trend, and this, in order to recreate a universe, in the case of Marylise Mirabelli perfumes, musical and visual. 

Creations that will appeal to lovers of artistic perfumery and unconventional fragrances.

The fruit of imagination.

I chose not to have perfumes tested before their launch, leaving the surprise of discovery for each olfactory transcription. 

Each fragrance comes out of the imagination and what I wanted to make people feel.

They are created to transcribe the scripts of songs and music videos — Thus, their scent evolves so as to tell the story as it goes.


Choosing perfumery was the way to be taken in visual scenarios. Smell is one of the senses that makes us realize that we are really present in a place. We can see and listen to a video on TV without being there, but being able to smell it's atmosphere is only possible if we are there. 

By creating a fragrance inspired by sounds and images, it allows us to be present in the story.

On the other hand, by having a musical and visual support, it also helps the public to get an idea of the spirit of the perfume without having smelled it beforehand.

CLUB 30’S — Inspired by "Smooth Criminal". It focuses on the main character. A perfume that characterizes his gentlemanly appearance and charisma, and from which we can follow his fresh and flowery sillage like a spotlight through the atmosphere of a club with old parquet floors, and the aromas of alcohol characteristic of a gangster lair. 

DIANESQUE Inspired by "Dirty Diana". This perfume is a representation of Diana. It describes her leather clothes, her sensuality, and the fragrance that a femme fatale like her could wear. It then surrounds itself with the animal side and vintage rock'n'roll from a concert's backstage. 

SUITE 1209 — Inspired by "Who is It". This one is more focused on ambiance and decor. With a solar opening that represents the golden hour, this glittering light slowly dims to sink into a more nocturnal and intimate atmosphere and will describe the essence of palaces clad in noble woods. A floral accord embodies a refined woman dressed in her Chanel suit, enveloped by a luxurious environment.

Iconic perfumes.

As you will have understood, Marylise Mirabelli perfumes are designed to recreate the atmosphere of Michael Jackson's musical universe.

Besides, the King of Pop loved beautiful perfumes.
For the anecdote, Elizabeth Taylor wore Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez, and she introduced him to it.
A beautiful vintage amber fragrance from 1962.

It has become his signature fragrance, just like Tom Ford's Black Orchid...

Two sophisticated, powerful perfumes, definitely from the rank of such icons!

When admiration becomes homage.

The diversity and beauty of his creations made me want to do something special in his honour — with an icon as inspiration, these fragrances had to be up to his standards: high quality and beautiful, or as I call them "magnifiscents"! 


Whether in fashion, music or movies, many great artists have been inspired and influenced by this precursor. 

Winks that refer to his music videos or to the representation of a whole era and generation, covers of his songs, or the trigger of the creativity of stylists. 

Here are some examples. 

Philipp Plein collection printemps été 2019 Michael Jackson inspiration Elle magazine

Philipp Plein — Spring-summer collection 2019

Source :


Olivier Rousteing — Balmain Spring collection 2019

Source :

Tableau Michael Jackson by Andy Warhol 1984

Andy Warhol — 1984
Source :


Back to the Future - Part II — 1989


Back to the Future - Part III — 1990


Rush Hour — 1998


Rush Hour 2 — 2001


Un gars, Une fille "Les Menuires" — 2001


13 going on 30 — 2004


Nickelodeon Victorious "Locked up" — 2011

Nickelodeon Henry Danger "Jasper Danger" — 2014

Nickelodeon Henry Danger " Swellview's got talent" — 2017

Nickelodeon Side Hustle "Model employees" — 2021

The tributes continue and I am happy to contribute with these perfume extracts.

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