Quel cadeau offrir pour la Saint-Valentin ?

What gift to give for Valentine's Day?

What is the origin of Valentine's Day? 


Valentine's Day, a celebration of love around the world. Romantic dinner, declaration of love, gifts...

But do you know where these traditions come from? 

Although different stories explain the origin of Valentine’s Day, it actually begins with a libertine celebration during the Roman Lupercales, February 13 to 15, at the end of the Roman year that began on March 1.

This pagan religious tradition, often ending with bacchanals, Pope Gelasius I, in the 5th century, undertook to counter the Lupercalia by setting up a feast of purification of the Blessed Virgin on February 2. The Romans paraded there quietly by the light of torches and candles. This celebration will become Candlemas.  

But this procession did not prevent the Romans from continuing to participate in Lupercalia. 

Gelasius I therefore decides to celebrate a saint the day before the pagan festival, Valentine of Terni, who died on February 14, and sets up a festival of spiritual love. 

But the pope fails. The Romans took over the character of Saint Valentine, whom they also celebrated on February 14 during libertine festivals, and organized love lotteries where the lovebirds were nicknamed Valentine and Valentine.


The celebration of Valentine's Day has evolved over the centuries.  

In 15th century Britain, the day was commemorated as a lovers' holiday due to the belief that birds chose February 14 to mate.  

Valentine's Day became a commercial holiday in the United States in the mid-19th century, with the sale of cards reminiscent of the small notes exchanged by Valentine and his Valentine.  

Then with the removal of this holiday in 1969 from the religious calendar, it became a tradition. 

The 20th century marked the end of the religious celebration, and little by little became the commercial Valentine's Day celebration that we know today, but also an additional opportunity to celebrate love.

What are the symbols of Valentine's Day gifts? 


The gifts offered on Valentine's Day are varied and often personalized, but there are classics and essentials such as flowers, chocolates and of course, perfume. 


Flowers, especially the rose, the flower of love par excellence, with different meanings depending on the colors: 

The red rose, the favored flower of Valentine's Day. A timeless expression of his love and synonymous with passionate love. 

The white rose for its symbolism of purity, virginity and innocence. In Christianity, it is the flower of the Virgin Mary, which is why it symbolizes unconditional maternal love. 

The pink rose expresses sweet and tender love. 

The yellow rose symbolizes joy and friendship. On the other hand, in love, this color being that of betrayal, it is not recommended to offer it to your other half!

La rose rouge, fleur privilégiée de la Saint-Valentin. 

And why not give a mimosa for Valentine's Day? 

Despite the symbolism of its yellow color in love, the mimosa with its cute golden yellow pompoms is nevertheless a sublime, popular and seasonal flower! 

The mimosa expresses more of a message of friendship and tenderness, but it is undeniable that it will immediately illuminate any face to which it is addressed. 

It will celebrate lovers' day by adding a touch of originality.

Le mimosa, fleur originale et de saison pour la Saint-Valentin

Other classic Valentine's Day gifts are of course jewelry, synonymous with lasting commitment, chocolates, because they bring us back to pleasure, and perfumes to show affection.
Giving a perfume is a gesture full of delicacy and meaning.

Perfume, a gift of seduction.

A perfume is not just a luxurious gift, it can also be considered an intimate gift.  

You can give it to someone to make them feel special and appreciated, but also to show your knowledge of them. 


Opt for a perfume that reminds you of the person you are giving it to. Think about her personality, her character, her style, or for a scent that you know she will appreciate, and which will reflect her uniqueness. 


Giving a perfume is a gesture that demonstrates your interest in the well-being of the recipient. A well-selected perfume can help improve someone's mood and self-confidence. It enhances, underlines elegance, style and completes an outfit. 


It’s also about offering a sensory experience. Perfume can evoke happy memories or create new ones, it transports you to atmospheres. The perfume leaves an olfactory imprint that remains engraved in the memory, it crosses the seasons and trends, becoming a timeless present. 


Also, a perfume can be used and enjoyed every day. A thoughtful gift to show that you care about their daily happiness.

Dianesque, extrait de parfum floral épicé et audicieux pour la Saint-Valentin.
Dianesque is the ultimate bold perfume, an unforgettable spicy floral fragrance.

How to choose a perfume to give as a gift?

In order to best choose the perfume, take into account the personality and tastes of the person to whom you are going to offer it. 

What type of perfume does they usually have? An eau de toilette, a perfume...? A floral, fruity, woody smell...? A light fragrance, or rather a perfume with character?

Enhance the romance and intensity of your intentions with a unique fragrance. Transmit emotions of passion, joy and seduction. It will convey the feeling you want to communicate to your partner. 


Find the perfect fragrance to accompany you in your statement. 


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