Marylise Mirabelli is a French perfume brand launched in October 2022.
The collections of perfumes are inspired by the musical universe, and pay tribute to the "King of Pop", favorite artist of the designer.
Each fragrance is a transcription of scenario evolving over time, and plunges us into a sensory experience.
Marylise Mirabelli perfumes are formulated and created in France with high quality ingredients.

The designer

I created Marylise Mirabelli to offer an immersion in an iconic musical universe, in symbiosis with emotions.
I wanted to offer the possibility of imagining oneself in a scenario, of having the impression of embodying a character.
The combination of musical emotions and the sensoriality of perfume.


Marylise Mirabelli is inspired by iconic songs and videos, to recreate each melody in olfactory notes, thus immersing us in these stories in a sensory version.

The timeless classics chosen, with scenarios with charismatic personalities, seductive and sensual allures, make this first collection of perfumes entitled “nocturne” ideal fragrances for the fall-winter season.

The collection

The scents

The perfumes were created in collaboration with the perfumers of the Flair Paris perfume composition studio, who were able to understand and perfectly formulate the imagination of the founder.

These first three creations were made possible thanks to the talents of Camille Chemardin (Suite 1209, Club 30’s) and Élia Chiche (Dianesque).

They are made from high-quality ingredients of natural and synthetic origin, for limitless creation while protecting our ecosystem from excesses, and formulated with organic wheat alcohol.

Discover them

Simplicity, elegance, ecology

Marylise Mirabelli also pays particular attention to the design and packaging of her bottles.

A simple and elegant appearance has been thought to focus only on the essential: the fragrance.

The packaging is designed and made responsibly, and the production carried out as close as possible in France.

The perfume cases come from eco-managed forests, the bottles are recyclable, and finally, Marylise Mirabelli eliminates the use of plastic and unnecessary secondary packaging.

The minimalist design